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When it comes to making modifications to your truck, the possibilities are virtually endless from both an exterior and interior standpoint. From tinting the windows to installing a tricked-out sound system, making your truck truly your own is one of the best things about owning it. However, at Truck Works, we know truck wheels and tires are usually the first things commercial workers and truck enthusiasts consider upgrading or customizing. So if you’re thinking about installing new wheels on your ride, you’ve come to the right place.

Our expert team is highly experienced in the world of truck wheels and is more than happy to provide professional recommendations, information and even installation. We invite you to learn more by perusing the information we’ve amassed on this page—or if you’d like to cut to the chase, feel free to call us at (816) 842-4222 or contact us here!

How to Choose the Right Truck Wheels

There aren’t many options to choose from when it comes to truck wheels, for there are essentially two types: steel and cast aluminum alloy wheels. Despite the fact these are the only types to choose from as far as material makeup is concerned, it is very important to purchase the right set for your truck or SUV. To make the right choice, you’ll need to know more about steel and cast alloy wheels.

  Steel Wheels Cast Wheels
Material Heavy-Duty Steel Aluminum Alloy
Process Stamped construction provides better durability and a more consistent composition Low-pressure casting allows better metal flexibility
Durability Heavier and meatier steel provides excellent durability and a consistent composition Rust-resistant for a long-lasting shine, but can’t take a beating in off-road conditions
Performance Tough and heavy-duty wheels that can withstand extensive punishment Lightweight composition makes them a perfect choice for speed-tuned vehicles
Cost Inexpensive to manufacture and therefore the most cost-effective for consumers Come in a wide price range depending on size, style and brand.


  • Steel Wheels – Steel truck wheels are composed of heavy-duty steel and can handle a wide range of worksites and hardcore off-road activity. Their stamped construction and and heavy steel makeup gives these truck wheels a consistent composition and makes them highly durable. These types of truck wheels can endure a number of extreme conditions and tend to be the most cost-effective choice for customers.
  • Cast Alloy Wheels – Cast alloy truck wheels are composed of aluminum alloy whose low-pressure casting makes them lightweight and the perfect solution for speed-minded customers. They are rust resistant and can be highly polished to a brilliant shine. These truck wheels are available in an array of sizes, styles and brands, which makes prices vary from instance to instance.

Perks of Steel Wheels

Overall, steel truck wheels are marginally heavier than alloy cast wheels, have a heavy-duty construction and are highly durable. When you take a deeper look, you’ll know that they have:

  • Lasting Endurance – The uniform composition of steel truck wheels makes them less porous than cast alloy wheels. Steel by nature is more malleable than aluminum alloy, which enables this type of truck wheel to endure the toughest of elements, including sand, dirt, rocks and even brake depletion.
  • Uniform Composition – Steel truck wheels go through a stamped construction process, which allows for a consistent, well-proportioned composition that offsets the probability of wobbling while enhancing the wheels’ structural integrity.
  • High Durability – Steel truck wheels’ durability stems from their stamped construction and heavy steel makeup. These wheels have a uniform composition, which lessens wobbling considerably.

Perks of Cast Alloy Wheels

In a nutshell, cast alloy truck wheels are lightweight, rust resistant and the ideal solution for those people who have a need for speed. They also offer:

  • Porous Makeup – Aluminum alloy wheels are more porous than steel wheels, which allows more air to flow through the wheels to cool the brakes.
  • Low-Pressure Casting – Cast alloy wheels undergo a low-pressure casting process to allow for enhanced malleability, which enables them to be more flexible from a metallurgic standpoint.
  • Brilliant Shine – Cast aluminum alloy wheels tend to be extremely resistant to rust, which makes polishing and cleaning them highly effective.

Perks of Rock Crawler Xtreme Truck Wheels

If you want top-quality construction that provides trustworthy performance on the most extreme terrains, the Pro Comp Rock Crawler truck wheels are where it’s at. These wheels come in a variety of styles, are generally priced lower than similar wheels and offer consistent off-roading dependability. This being the case, it’s easy to see why these truck wheels are some of the most popular here at Truck Works!

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