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As an owner of a truck or SUV, you know first hand how convenient it is to load it up with various supplies, tools and other items as well as take advantage of its towing abilities. Unless you just like the look of larger vehicles, why else would you purchase a lean, mean piece of machinery with so much potential?

Regardless of what you utilize your vehicle for, you may decide to enhance its load-support attributes at some point in the time with air bags for suspension. Whether you are new to the world of load-support products or are well versed in the arena of air bags and air suspension, we here at Truck Works invite you to stick around for a while to discover what these items have to offer. You may just learn a thing or two while you’re here! If at any point you have a question about our air bags and air suspension products, don’t hesitate to call us at (816) 842-4222 or contact us here.

Not Sure Which Air Bag System is Right for You?

Don’t worry. Our team will help you sort out the right from the wrong based on your application and intended use. Whether you are looking for an air bag suspension for a show rig or one designed to help balance the trailer you’re pulling, we can help you select the perfect one!

Want to Learn More About the World of Air Bags & Air Suspension?

In case you need a refresher about air bags and air suspension, allow us to go a bit deeper into their inner workings. To equip their vehicles with higher rates of load capacity, it has been common for people to add air bags for enhanced suspension for many years now. This, no doubt, is due to the fact that these types of air bags work seamlessly with a truck or SUV’s factory leaf springs to allow for increased load-leveling capacity. To accomplish this, the air bags are fit to the frame and then connected either to the top of the leaf spring or the axle. Once air has been added, these bags keep the vehicle’s frame from dropping when its load is put on the back end.

So how much of a load range do these air bags allow for? Well, that is a matter of air pressure. These bags employ various levels of air pressure to adjust their load range. For every PSI of pressure, each pair of helper springs can support about 40 pounds of load. So, let’s say 40 PSI of inflation pressure has been added, for instance. In such a case, each pair of air helper springs could support a load of of 1,600 pounds.

Installing these air bag kits tends to be easy, as they offer a no-drill bolt to factory-cut holes. Any difficulty in installation comes from ensuring the lines are placed correctly so as to remain fastened to the frame and away from the exhaust for safety. To fill these bags, you can either run the lines to a Schrader valve or to a compressor. But with the experienced team here at Truck Works, you don’t have to worry about installation because we do that here!

Benefits of Air Bags

There are numerous reasons to upgrade air bags for suspension, but some of the most popular benefits are:

  • Increased load support
  • Better towing capacity
  • Enhanced sway control
  • Less noise (when compared to springs)
  • Sag elimination
  • Ability to adapt suspension settings
  • Better ride quality
  • Custom fit to vehicle
  • Straightforward installation
  • Available in bolt-on designs
  • Ability to revert vehicle to factory ride
  • No drilling (for many air bag kits)


Common Air Bag Types

The most common air bag types we work with here at Truck Works are:

  • Coil Bags – Air bags of this type are available for most vehicles with coil spring suspension. They provide approximately 1,000 pounds of load support and are installed in the center of the coils.
  • Double-Convoluted-Style Bags – These air bags are great for most SUVs and bigger pickup trucks, as they offer approximately 5,000 pounds of load support.
  • Tapered Air Sleeve & Straight Sleeve – These types of air bags are a good fit for down-sized or half-ton trucks and SUVs. They offer anywhere between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds of load support per pair.

Considerations for Air Bags & Air Suspension

When it comes to maintenance, air bags require a bit more upkeep compared to overloads. You must remember to monitor the bags’ air pressure and keep it at a minimum of five PSI; otherwise you run the risk of damaging them while your vehicle is moving. This being the case, you may want to install options that monitor air pressure automatically to make things easier. Further, air bags can leak from time to time, so it’s very important to keep the air pressure consistent.

Air bags are a great option for your truck or SUV if you want to add additional load support and are okay with a little extra maintenance. If you should decide you want to revert back to a factory ride, air bags offer that opportunity.

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