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As you most likely know, your vehicle’s computer comes factory programmed for regular, everyday driving, which means it’s not calibrated for performance. That means elements such as torque and overall power distribution are oftentimes overlooked to allow for a more basic driving experience. If you want to customize your driving experience in a way that boosts your ride’s performance, you fortunately have a lot of options at your disposal thanks to the myriad of aftermarket computer programmers, tuners, chips and modules that are out there.

At Truck Works, we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to selecting the proper aftermarket computer components to recalibrate our customers’ driving experiences. Whether you want to boost your vehicle’s torque capacity or improve fuel economy, you can depend on our team to steer you in the right direction. Stick around for a moment to learn more about the various computer programmers, tuners and chips that are available to trick out your ride! Feel free to contact us here at anytime or call us at (816) 842-4222.

What’s the Difference Between Chips and Programmers?

First off, it’s important to know computer programmers (also known as tuners) and chips (which are also referred to as modules) enable you to customize various elements of the driving experience by recalibrating the factory settings on your vehicle’s computer. Second, programmers and chips carry out different functions and come in an array of brands, which means it’s essential to know what they each do.

  • Chips (aka Modules) – Chips are the most basic of the aftermarket computer enhancements you can buy and usually plug into a vehicle’s electrical system under the hood. They function by receiving data, analyzing that data and then making adjustments to the constraints based on the data to improve performance. For chips or modules to work efficiently with your vehicle’s remaining factory components, they need to be specially programmed to the make, model and year of your vehicle. Further, it’s possible to purchase chips that come with pre-programmed performance levels based on what you want to do. Benefits of these modules include their simple installation process and the fact that they do not require you to make tuning adjustments.
  • Computer Programmers (aka Tuners) ­– Computer programmers are different from chips in a couple of different areas. First, as opposed to connecting underneath the hood in the electrical system, programmers or tuners are installed to the OBD-II Port. Second, programmers enable you to adjust tuning depending on the customizations you’ve added to your vehicle and the level of power you desire. Some people think programmers’ benefits outweigh those of modules because programmers offer more tuning control. They allow you to recalibrate your system to accommodate the vehicle customizations you’ve made, such as tweaks to speed rating, rear-end ratio and tire size. Like chips or modules, programmers generally install easily.


Benefits of Chips and Programmers

As you know, the primary benefit of installing a computer programmer or chip in your vehicle is being able to make performance enhancements. They recalibrate the factory-installed computer by adjusting the parameters that deal with:

  • Torque
  • Power output
  • Ignition time
  • Fuel curves
  • Rev and RPM limitation
  • Fuel economy
  • Speed limitation
  • Air-fuel ratio
  • Shift points and firmness
  • Tire and rear end upgrades

The above are just examples of the enhancements you can make with computer programmers and chips. Results vary depending on the type of product selected.

What You Need to Know Prior to Purchase

There are different types of chips and programmers, so it’s important to know what enhancements you want to make prior to purchase. These items are designed for use with either diesel or gasoline engines, and some perform optimally with stock or slightly customized components. On the other hand, some programmers and chips are more appropriate for use with aftermarket upgrades. The main takeaway here is you need to know what you’re looking to accomplish. Then, it helps to become familiar with the product features of the programmers and chips you look at. Of course, it always helps to know your vehicle’s year, make and model by heart and find the modules and/or tuners that are compatible. If you need any direction or recommendations, reach out to the team here at Truck Works. We even handle all installations!

Need Assistance with Programmers, Tuners & Chips?

If you have questions about which performance chip or programmer is right for you, or if you need recommendations, we invite you contact the team here at Truck Works for any assistance you may need. Give us a call at (816) 842-4222, or contact us here!