Air Intake Systems

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If you plan to soup up your truck or SUV in any way, it helps to know what you’re getting yourself into. You may think you are just going to modify one component and upgrade another, but doing so may lead you down a rabbit hole of other necessary upgrades to accommodate the changes you make. One such upgrade is the replacement of your ride’s air intake system.

Whether it’s a necessary upgrade or just something you want to change in order to improve your truck’s engine performance, the experienced team here at Truck Works are seasoned professionals when it comes to air intake systems. We’ll be happy give you more information, provide recommendations and even install a new air intake system on your vehicle. If you have a moment to spare, learn more about air intake systems by reading the information we’ve provided below. Feel free to give us a call at (816) 842-4222 or contact us here at any time!

Essential Information About Air Intakes

In case you didn’t know, a vehicle’s air intake system is found in the engine compartment. The system as a whole includes the air intake tube and air filter. An air intake tube commonly boasts an array of twists to dispel noise. These air intake twists trap noise and air, which makes for a considerably quiet riding experience. However, this restriction of airflow, along with inept air filtration, can hinder your vehicle’s engine performance.

To enable your truck or SUV to operate at optimum capacity, your engine needs access to the proper combination of air and fuel that allows for the optimal combustion environment to take place. It’s not uncommon for many factory air intake systems to fall short of providing the best amount of cool, clean air, which means the engine fails to operate at its full capacity.

To see an almost instantaneous improvement in your engine’s response and performance, you may want to think about replacing your truck’s air intake system.


Benefits of Replacing Air Intake Systems

Choosing to replace your vehicle’s air intake system can provide you with a handful of benefits, including the following:

  • Enhanced overall engine performance
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Increased gas/diesel mileage
  • Lifetime Filters
  • Better Filtration

If you’d like to discuss these benefits further, or to see is your ride could benefit from an air intake replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Truck Works at (816) 842-4222!

Difference Between Regular Air Intakes & Cold Air Intakes

The main difference between regular and cold air intakes is the fact that regular air intakes utilize air from inside the engine compartment. This is all well and good, but the air inside the engine compartment is hot. Conversely, cold air intakes utilize cool air from outside the engine compartment, and thus allows your engine to perform much better. When it comes to installing cold air intakes, you will find that the process is more labor intensive than installing a regular air intake system. Many people find that the extra work is well worth the performance enhancements.

Even though cold air intakes offer a wealth of benefits, they are not available for all types of vehicles, such as those that must drive through wet environments on a regular basis. Further, some people may not enjoy the look of a cold air intake system when compared to a regular system due to the fact that cold air intake systems call for the air box to be installed outside of the engine. This means the air box will likely be placed in a wheel well and will be visible from the vehicle’s exterior. Finally, not all vehicles reap the benefits of a cold air intake and operate perfectly well with a regular system.

Want to learn more about cold air intakes and regular air intakes? Need to know if your vehicle can benefit from an air intake replacement? Just reach out to Truck Works today!

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