ReNew Your Investment!

Whether you put your truck bed through the ringer for work, travel or fun, the folks at LINE-X® know your bedliner takes a beating and may need to be touched up from time to time. That’s where LINE-X ReNew comes into play. As a bedliner-enhancement system, LINE-X ReNew is able to enhance and repair your current spray-on bedliner to meet the quality of LINE-X bedliner.

One of a Kind

LINE-X ReNew is truly one of a kind because it is the only bedliner-enhancement system that can repair and enhance existing spray-on bedliner to meet LINE-X standards. In fact, it’s the only system that doesn’t require you to strip away your existing bedliner prior to application, which saves a lot of money and labor. Additionally, ReNew is so effective that Frost & Sullivan gave it the prestigious Product of the Year Award in 2008!

Fade Resistance with UV Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause your bedliner to fade and lose its luster. Fortunately, LINE-X ReNew restores your bedliner’s luster and creates a UV-protective coating that mitigates further UV damage.

Everlasting Bond

LINE-X ReNew creates an everlasting bond when applied to existing spray-on bedliner and goes on evenly to allow for smooth application.

Durable, Tough Protection

LINE-X ReNew bedliner is composed of material that’s five times stronger than steel, which means your truck bed will be able to withstand the most extreme use and abuse.