Line-X Standard

The Best Bedliner—Period!

When it comes to protecting your truck bed with a durable, weather-proof coating, you can always depend on LINE-X® STANDARD Spray-On Bedliner. For more than two decades, LINE-X STANDARD has been one of the most sought-after bedliners thanks to the tough, year-round protection it offers at an affordable price. Just ask the more than three million satisfied customers who have lined their truck beds with LINE-X STANDARD; they’ll vouch for us. Some of the benefits of choosing LINE-X STANDARD Spray-On Bedliner include:

  • Stain Resistance from Chemicals
  • Protection from Rust, Leaks & Corrosion
  • Application Free of Bubbling, Peeling & Cracking
  • Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
  • Its VOC-Free, Environmentally Friendly Formula

Protection from Chemicals

LINE-X STANDARD Spray-On Bedliner has been shown in independent studies to resist common chemicals including: bleach, gasoline, diesel fuel, chlorine and many household solvents.

Enduring Bond

LINE-X STANDARD sprays on evenly and permanently adheres to every nook, cranny and curve of your truck bed, giving it a factory-like finish. This bedliner offers a watertight seal that provides advanced protection from air and water, which prevents rust and corrosion.


This bedliner has more tensile strength than other brands, which makes it highly durable and allows it to offer unparalleled protection from tearing, ripping and gouging.

Padded Protection

LINE-X STANDARD’s dense, textured composition creates a kind of padded environment in your truck bed that helps to dampen sound and absorb impact, which makes for a quieter ride experience when compared to unlined truck beds.

Cargo Space

With LINE-X STANDARD, you get a layer of padded protection that completely conforms to your bed’s shape, which means you don’t lose any cargo space. That means tie-downs, 5th wheel hitches, utility boxes, bed lids and other elements all fit with ease.

Nationwide Lifetime Warranty

LINE-X STANDARD Spray-On Bedliner is guaranteed to provide unmatched protection and resistance from bubbling, cracking and flaking in all areas of the United States.

Added Value

LINE-X STANDARD’s durable polymers in its formula offer years of protection in all weather conditions. This bedliner also increases your truck’s daily and resale value.