Line-X Body Armour

Protect and Stylize Your Ride

 If you’re looking to give your vehicle’s body a unique look that offers LINE-X®’s level of protection, consider LINE-X BODY ARMOUR. Trucks, SUVs and other vehicles with LINE-X BODY ARMOUR have a rugged look as well as a protective skin that guards against scratching and denting. LINE-X BODY ARMOUR is perfect for everyone from the hardcore off-roader to the custom car enthusiast.


The great thing about LINE-X BODY ARMOUR is the fact that it can not only be customized in a way that matches your own style, but also in a way that provides full-body, durable protection. Regardless of if you’re in an off-road environment or not, LINE-X BODY ARMOUR remains resistant to gouging, rips, tears and scuffs.


When considering LINE-X BODY ARMOUR, you should know it is heavier than everyday vehicle paint and can add anywhere between 50 and 75 pounds to your ride.


This innovative LINE-X product offers:

  • Full-Vehicle Customization
  • Custom Color Options
  • UV Protection
  • Resistance to Abrasions & Impact
  • Resistance to Common Chemicals