Bumpers & Brush Guards

Truck Works Carries a Full Line of Bumpers from the Best Manufacturers!

At Truck Works, our team of devoted truck enthusiasts enjoy pointing our customers in the right direction in all of their vehicle-enhancing and customization endeavors. If you would like to learn a bit more about bumpers and how to choose the right one for your ride, we invite you to go through the information on this page! Feel free to contact us here if you have a specific need or question and would like to cut to the chase. You can also give us a call at (816) 842-4222!

Like your vehicle’s many other upgradable components, your bumper must be suited to your ride’s make and model and be able to carry out its everyday tasks. As you know, your bumper can carry out a handful of duties depending on your individual needs. From serving as a brush guard or light mount to providing protection from animals or acting as a tow mount, your vehicle’s bumper can fulfill many roles, so it needs to be set up correctly and safely—especially if you’re an off-roader.

How to Choose the Right Bumper—Just Ask Us!

Aside from asking a Truck Works associate for recommendations, we suggest reading bumper reviews from other people like yourself when the time comes to choose the right bumper for your ride. You can easily find these product reviews by doing a search in your search engine of choice (i.e., Google, Bing, Yahoo!). You may also like to call up your local body shop or mechanic to see if they could be of any assistance. If all else fails, you can always reach out to us for anything related to bumpers.

What Bumpers Do

At their most basic level, bumpers serve as protective buffers at the front and rear ends of vehicles; they absorb shock and help offset damage to other areas of the vehicle. While all types of bumpers share this attribute, it’s important to know that not all bumpers are created equal, nor do they carry out the same functions. Sure, there’s a bumper on the front and back ends of your vehicle, but you must consider what your particular bumper needs are before going out and purchasing one. Bumpers can serve as:

  • Brush protection
  • A winch or tow mount
  • A site to mount lights/light bars
  • A way to add off-road style to your ride

If you’re wanting a bumper that allows you to beef up your winch game, we recommend Smittyblit M1 Bumpers and OR-FAB Front Winch Bumpers. For our Jeep customers, we recommend the Smittybilt XRC Jeep Bumpers and the Rugged Ridge XHD Bumper System. For a recommendation about the type of bumper you need for your ride, don’t hesitate to call us at (816) 842-4222.

 Different Types of Bumpers

There are different brands of bumpers out there, but all of them can be categorized into essentially four different categories:

  • Front bumpers
  • Rear bumpers
  • Replacement bumpers
  • Jeep bumpers

When selecting your type of bumper, we recommend choosing a brand you are familiar with and trust. Some of our customers’ favorite bumpers here at Truck Works include our OR-FAB and Smittybilt bumpers. If you are unsure about what brand to select, don’t hesitate to ask one of our knowledgeable team members!

Reach Out to Us for Your Bumper Needs

If you need more information about the right kind of bumper to purchase for your ride or if you’d like to hear our team’s professional bumper recommendations, we want to hear from you! Just call us at (816) 842-4222, or contact us here, and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can. We even make the process complete by installing your bumper!